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2009-02-16 14:11:31 by Castiell

So, Im into urban freeflow right? And i spend a load of my time trying out new flight patterns, as my crew calls them, And I finally landed a 9 ft monkey spin (Its kooler then it sounds...) And i didnt break anything! Thats right... Clap for me, all of you will bow to me some day. That is all.


2008-11-24 14:13:45 by Castiell

Setu-Firestorm is the best musician here. And i think we should all recognize that as an admirable skill.

U suk!

2008-11-24 11:13:20 by Castiell

I hate you all...

I'm a little disturbed

2008-10-10 20:30:18 by Castiell

So, i was skimming through posts when i came across some fag that tasted his own sperm...he said it was good. I think he really might be gay.


2008-10-09 16:38:00 by Castiell

Though i am not a mod, I would like to ask ppl to stop flaming for videos like the beheading vid. It was gross and evil, but it said in the link what it was about. So it was your fault for watching...